Wedding package with overnight stay

More and more bridal couples opt for a wedding with overnight stay. We understand why! Two wedding days mean twice as many precious moments. Here are 5 reasons why you should have an extended celebration of your love.

1. You experience your wedding more consciously
Most bridal couples will tell you that their big day just flew by. There are so many high points. There is a toast to the couple straight after the ceremony; before you know it you are having dinner with your day guests and the first guests for the evening party have already arrived. A wedding spread over more than one day will give you the chance to savour all of the precious moments. This means you can enjoy your wedding day more consciously.

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2. You will have time to talk to all of your family and friends.
There is a reason that you celebrate your love with all people who mean a lot to you. It is therefore nice to have enough time to talk to everyone. That is a great advantage of a 2-day wedding. You don't need to rush. This gives you time to enjoy all of the little things. For instance: you can tell your best friend how much the friendship means to you. You could do this, for example, during the relaxing wedding brunch the following day. That is just one of those moments that bridal couples describe afterwards as one of the special highlights of the wedding day!

3. You have somewhere to go for a rest.
Another big advantage of a wedding location where you can stay overnight? You can put all of your belongings in your own hotel room at the beginning of the day. Whether you want to freshen up in between, fix your make up or just have a short rest, you will have a nice quiet place to take some time out.

4. You can have the party of your dreams
Have you decided on a wedding with overnight stay? Then you can finish your wedding day with an unforgettable evening party. Our wedding package includes 30 luxurious hotel rooms for your guests. Your best friends don't have to rush home early; everyone can enjoy the champagne. And when the dancing is over and the lights are out, you can have a nightcap on the terrace or in the lounge bar.

5. A perfect end to the day in the bridal suite
The trip home. That always spoils the magic of your wedding day to some extent. It breaks the enchantment of this magical day, at least a little. That is why a wedding in a hotel is such a good idea. Your brand-new husband can carry you up the stairs and over the threshold of your romantic bridal suite. Sleep? First, have a relaxing bubble bath in the jacuzzi on your private terrace. Enjoy your view of the woods with a glass of champagne in your hand while you look back on a wonderful day - before you get into your king-size hotel bed together!

Are you interested in our wedding location in the middle of the woods? Please leave us your details. Our wedding advisor will call you back. Tip: of course, you can always book a weekend stay at De Werelt. Then you can experience the location for yourself and discover straight away just how beautiful the area is.